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Bio ID is the first treatment in the UK to combine hormone testing, compounded medications and supplements as an integrated system allowing ease of use for both patients and their doctors during treatment. We offer our doctors access to highly trained staff, which results in timely dispensing, quality training and product assurance. Our Bio ID training courses will give doctors the ability to obtain bloods/saliva tests from patients and then prescribe them their unique compounded bioidentical hormones. We offer a forum for doctors, where they can ask questions and give advice to fellow prescribers.

Hormone Blood and Saliva Testing

At Bio ID we offer a range of hormone tests. These include both blood testing and saliva testing. All these forms of tests are very useful, both in the diagnosis of hormones deficiencies, imbalances and in the monitoring of patients during their treatment.

On-site Compounding Pharmacy

Having our own on-site Compounding Pharmacy with our highly trained superintendent pharmacist and staff results in timely dispensing, quality training and product assurance. Bio ID offer training to doctors, giving them the ability to obtain hormone tests and compounded hormones for their patients. Products that we offer include; Testosterone, Biestrogen (estradiol and estriol), Progesterone, DHEA, Thyroid hormones (T3&T) and Vitamin D. All our hormones can be compounded as creams, gels, lozenges and capsules for patients convenience. We also offer a fully vegetarian based capsule.


Enhance your skills and widen your clinic’s patient offering by introducing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. We offer a complete solution that is easy to incorporate into your clinic. Our comprehensive training includes on-going support as part of a growing community of professionals offering Bio-ID.


When you register to become a Bio ID doctor, you will have full access to our forum. This is a useful resource for all prescribers as here, you will be able to hold discussions with fellow doctors, ask questions and offer your expert advice.


When you register to become a Bio ID doctor you will have access to our resource area. This area enables you to request test kits, download resources files and watch exclusive video tutorials from our team.