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Treatment Process

Take a look at these simple steps to find out how you can receive your specialised bioidentical hormone treatment.

Below are the simple stages to ordering your prescription from Bio ID:


Upon visiting your Bio ID doctor, a full assessment and relevant blood/saliva tests will be taken from you. A follow up consultation will then be arranged to discuss your results, your treatment plan and the prescriptions that you will need.


Upon receipt of your prescription our pharmacy will contact you and payment will be processed over the phone.


If you are new patient your medication will be dispatched to your doctor (this is usually within 3-7 working days of receipt of your prescription). Your doctor will then show you how to use the medication.

If you are an existing patient and your prescription is a repeat order we can dispatch your medication directly to you. It will arrive via Royal Mail, with delivery type options available (e.g. next day, standard), costs will be added to your order receipt. If you are a returning customer with available repeats on your prescription, please ensure you call us one week prior to your medication running out. If you have no repeats left, you will need to see your doctor for a new prescription before any further medication can be dispensed to you.


Your prescription will clearly state the dosage on the medication. There will be further information on the leaflet enclosed with your delivery.

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