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HRT in Cheshire

Nov 09th 2019

HRT in Cheshire

HRT in CheshireHormone replacement therapy or HRT in Cheshire is used to treat the symptoms that result when your body slows production of hormones due to ageing. We humans are living longer and because of good medical care, we are staying active and productive long past middle age. Reduced hormone production can become a roadblock to the quality of life because hormones influence both our mental and physical health. The symptoms of reduced hormone production include fatigue, reduced sex drive, insomnia, inability to stay focused, weight gain and even depression. The accompanying irritability may have you questioning your own sanity.  The label ‘cranky old lady’ or ‘cranky old man’ did not come about without reason.

Mother Nature tries to tell us that when we are finished reproducing, we’re just finished. In Cheshire, HRT allows us to thumb our noses at Mother Nature. We may not want to reproduce ourselves but we still want to be productive and active. At Bio ID Hormones, we supplement the hormones in your body to maintain a more youthful level. Some people experience a heightened feeling of well being while receiving hormone replacement therapy. Others are so profoundly impacted they feel like a new person. The importance of maintaining hormone levels throughout our body to feel our best can’t be overstated. They impact every area of our life.

At Bio ID Hormones, we use HRT in Cheshire to treat the symptoms of low hormone levels in both women and men. The treatment is tailored to meet each individual’s needs. First, we do blood tests to determine deficiencies and then we replace the needed hormones to the degree they are needed. All treatments are oral; no injections. We have our own compounding pharmacy on-site where oestrogen, progesterone, thyroid, DHEA and testosterone are manufactured to your specific prescription. Contact Bio ID Hormones and let us tell you how you can benefit from this doctor-approved therapy. We work directly through your primary health provider. HRT is proven safe and effective and its use has been available for many years. We’ve taken it one step further by tailoring the dosage to your individual needs.

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