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For HRT in Hale Barns, Speak with the Specialists

Mar 20th 2020

For HRT in Hale Barns, Speak with the Specialists

HRT in Hale BarnsHRT in Hale Barns can ease the symptoms of menopause and counteract the effects of aging and disease in both men and women. In hormone replacement therapy, the hormones used are identical on a molecular level with endogenous hormones. The goal of bioidentical hormone replacement is a natural hormone balance.  This will help alleviate common symptoms of menopause such as night sweats, low energy and fatigue, poor concentration, lack of sleep, irritability and depression. Give us a ring and schedule an appointment with our qualified team.

Your blood levels will be tested to determine your hormone levels and provide a bespoke treatment plan to suit your needs. In Hale Barns, HRT includes a course of bioidentical hormones that are tailored to mimic your natural hormone production. HRT is used widely to help with the very unpleasant symptoms of menopause. Hormones are powerful chemical messengers within the body that regulate its day-to-day functions. As we age, our hormone levels decrease. This often results in unwanted symptoms that can lead to reduced quality of life. The HRT treatment prescribed for you is carefully determined according to your particular needs, based on your symptoms and blood analysis. A follow up consultation is required where your results will be discussed, as well as your treatment plan and the prescriptions that you will need.

It is likely that you may require HRT in Hale Barns if you are starting to feel the effects of menopause. Contact us today and schedule an appointment to find out how you can benefit from HRT treatment. Once you have consulted with our specialists, you will receive your prescription which can be provided to our pharmacy. Our pharmacists will contact you to arrange payment. They will then deliver your treatment to your doctor, if you are a new patient, or directly to you. You will find that your prescription will clearly state the dosage of the medication. Enclosed with your delivery will be a leaflet which contains further information. HRT treatment is an excellent way to alleviate the unwanted symptoms of menopause and a way to regain your quality of life.

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