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Combat the Challenges Associated with Ageing with HRT in Bowdon

May 10th 2020

Combat the Challenges Associated with Ageing HRT in Bowdon

HRT in BowdonHRT in Bowdon is not a new therapy treatment to combat the challenges associated with ageing. However, at Bio ID Hormones, we have taken this well-known hormone replacement therapy and personalised it to the individual. So often hormones are prescribed by trial and error. Prescribed dosages may be very much the same for each patient and that’s why one patient feels much better and another notices little or no change. Our hormone levels do not decline at the same pace. Therefore, to achieve ideal health and well-being, dosage must be specific to the individual. The hormone replacement therapy must also include a replacement therapy for each hormone, not just one.

For instance, a woman may go to her doctor to address symptoms of menopause. In Bowdon, HRT with a low dosage oestrogen may be prescribed for a while to see how it works. If not so good, the doctor may increase the dosage. Perhaps the doctor will add progesterone. Well, the woman will likely see a decrease in her symptoms if indeed she is menopausal. Nobody knows for sure if she’s taking more than she needs or too much of one and not enough of another. And, while she may feel better she may still have low energy, brain fog and pain during sex. But those symptoms may not be addressed at all. That’s too bad because a blood test would show if DHEA, thyroid hormone or both are insufficient and to what degree.

HRT in Bowdon is determined by Bio ID Hormones. Our therapy consists of bioidentical hormones to replace, in the correct proportions, the patient’s own natural hormone level production. Only with a complete and bespoke hormone replacement therapy will the best health be possible. The same is true for both women and men. Contact Bio ID Hormones for more information about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Our team of pharmacists work with your physician to dispense the most accurate hormone therapy prescription possible for you. Our HRT has proven highly successful in treating the many unpleasant symptoms of decreased hormone production due to the ageing process.

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