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Bio Identical Hormones in Manchester from the Experts

Mar 10th 2020

Bio Identical Hormones in Manchester

Bio Identical Hormones in Manchester If you have considered bio identical hormones in Manchester and are not aware of what the treatment is about, speak to Bio Id Hormones. Hormones are chemical messengers that are secreted directly into the bloodstreams. They help our bodies regulate daily functions such as mental health, physical well-being, and sleep patterns. As the natural production decreases with age, there’s the need for supplementation and this is where bio-identical hormone therapy is advisable.

Visit Bio ID Hormones for the treatment and consultation. In Manchester, bio identical hormones can be used by both men and women and are aimed at substituting the depleted hormones. This, in the long run, helps to restore the body in its optimum function. At our clinic, you are physically assessed and taken through blood screening to determine the rate of hormonal imbalance and proper treatment procedures to be observed. Every treatment is customised to the needs of the patients, as not all hormonal deficiencies are the same. In women, bio identical hormones help to address issues like menopausal symptoms, fatigue, weight gain, poor concentration, reduced sex drive, and depression.  Men who are experiencing issues such as low energy or fatigue, impotency, loss of muscle mass, poor concentration, lack of sleep as well as premature greying and balding can benefit from out treatment.

Bio identical hormones in Manchester generally offer hormonal substitutions. When you have a consultation, there a few steps to be taken before your prescription is ordered. You will need a blood test to determine your hormonal deficiency level. After which our pharmacy will contact you with the result and payment details. Payment can be made over the phone, and then your bio identical hormones will be dispatched to you. If you are a new patient, your medication is dispatched to your doctor after 3-7 business days. And if you are an existing patient, the prescription is dispatched directly to you, with instructions regarding the correct dosage. Contact Bio ID Hormones today for more information about our bio identical hormone treatment. Counteract the effects of ageing and disease and schedule an appointment today.

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