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Bio Identical Hormones in Manchester, Effective Relief for Hormone Imbalance

Jul 20th 2020

Bio Identical Hormones in Manchester, Effective Relief for Hormone Imbalance

Bio Identical Hormones in ManchesterBio Identical Hormones in Manchester takes the whole patient into consideration before prescribing hormone replacement therapy. We are all similar, but we are not all alike either. That truth is often found in the smallest of details, like the balance of our hormones. Our individual personal well-being depends on a good balance of hormones. Hormones are chemicals that travel through your bloodstream and help organs and tissues do their job well. Hormones affect growth, muscle development, reproduction, mental acuity, appetite, sex drive, ageing and more. An imbalance of certain hormones can make us mentally and physically miserable. Look at the many years still ahead of you. You want them to be your best yet but hormone deficiency can interfere with those plans.

The most commonly understood example is the effects of menopause on women when their bodies stop or slow the production of reproductive hormones like estrogen and progesterone. In this situation, in Manchester, Bio Identical Hormones seek to replace those hormones to their normal level in the individual. In men, the body slows production of testosterone and fortunately, those hormones too can be replaced. For both men and women, the loss of these hormones interferes with sex drive, muscle mass, energy levels, sleep, body temperature regulation, weight and even mental sharpness. That, as you can imagine, disrupts every area of life. So, we are all very similar in this mid-life phenomenon.

However, we are not all alike so Bio Identical Hormones in Manchester has designed hormone replacement therapy that is specific to the individual. Instead of just handing out the general doses of replacement therapy that helps most people, we seek to be more specific. Working with your doctor, we use a blood test to determine your specific hormone levels. Based on that we compound a hormone replacement therapy to meet your specific deficit. Contact Bio Id Hormones for more information. You know, hormone deficits can affect us at any age, not just middle age. Some are affected more intensely than others. If that’s you, then relief is close at hand at Bio Id Hormones.

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