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Biestrogen in Wilmslow, Suitable for your Requirements

Apr 10th 2020

Biestrogen in Wilmslow

Biestrogen in WilmslowBiestrogen in Wilmslow is a new initiative from the hormone treatment specialists – Bio ID Hormones. Hormones are natural activators of our body produced by special endocrine glands, some acting as stimulators and others as regulators that enable the body to function on a day-to-day basis. When hormone levels decrease in the body, normal activity and functioning are affected. Some very visible symptoms include chronic fatigue, mood changes, sleep disturbances etc. Depending on the severity of the condition hormone replacement therapy may be recommended. Estrogen being an important hormone in women, its deficiencies  can produce  some  serious psychological  and physiological  changes  which  often  impede health and well-being, particularly in women approaching the menopause stage.

For our patients in Wilmslow, Biestrogen therapy is one of the many hormone therapies recommended  for women. Aging being a common cause, other factors could also be responsible for depletion of estrogen in women. Prolonged use of birth control pills, harmful chemicals in cosmetics that women use every day and poor diets are all additional causes for hormone imbalances. Either a holistic or exclusive treatment approach may be required, depending on   clinical evaluations that are conducted at our clinic by highly qualified physicians. Blood screening is one of the main tests conducted to ascertain the level of imbalance and the most effective kind of therapy. Once this is done, our pharmacy will contact you with the prescription details. As a first time patient you can meet our physician within seven days of the consultation for first-hand information about your treatment, its duration and other clarifications you may want. Existing patients will have their medication mailed to them directly.

Biestrogen in Wilmslow by Bio ID Hormones  is different from the traditional hormone replacement therapy. We use estrogen that is compounded to suit individual needs, matching up replacement levels to individual deficiencies. Although a synthetic substance, it is formulated to mimic naturally secreted estrogen that the body was used to. For more information on how we can assist you, contact Bio ID Hormones. All formulations are prepared keeping in mind that women have varying levels of estrogen in their systems. Our bespoke biestrogen works better than commercially available ones.

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