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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical hormones are bespokely tailored to mimic your natural hormone production for optimal health and well being.

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Bioidentical hormone replacement is a relatively new field of very innovative and forward thinking medicine. Advances in medicine have shown that the use of bioidentical hormones can ease the symptoms of menopause and counteract the effects of ageing and disease in both men and women.

Our Treatment Process

Take a look at these simple steps to find out how you can receive your specialised bioidentical hormone treatment.


Based in the North West of England, Bio ID was created by Dr Martin Kinsella and his experienced team. Following great success treating patients in his own clinic, his unique treatment system has now been made available for other doctors and patients nationwide.


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    I have been suffering with menopausal symptoms for a few years, irritability, low mood, hot flushes, joint pain, memory loss to name a few. I had an initial consultation with Dr Kinsella, and had a blood test to determine what I was lacking. I have been on a combination of Oestrogen gel and progesterone and Vitamin D tablets for a little over 3 months.My mood and general well-being is improving and although my hot flushes haven’t fully disappeared yet, they are less frequent. I didn’t want to go down the HRT route as one pill doesn’t fit all. The Bio Medical Hormones appealed to me as they are tailor made for you and Dr Kinsella and his team monitor me closely with regular blood tests to monitor my levels. I feel like my old self again and can’t thank them enough.

    Julie Green

    I have been taking bioidentical hormones from Re-enhance for about 18 months, having failed to get any relief from synthetic HRT preparations. Thorough blood tests mean the prescription is accurate from the outset and is then monitored. The immediate positive effect took me by surprise and even better it has been sustained ever since. My sleep has improved markedly so I feel rested and the frequent,debilitating hot flushes are a thing of the past. I honestly wouldn’t be without them now. The staff at Re enhance are always warm, friendly and helpful and this has made all the difference too.

    Daphne Cushnie

    I first started on Bio Identical Hormones 3 years ago. I started the menopause at the age of 52. At the time I also discovered that I had an under active thyroid, my GP prescribed me with HRT and Levothyroxin. This slightly improved my symptoms but I never felt completely well.
    When I first started on Bio Identical Hormones it took approximately 3 months for me to feel the benefit. The benefits have meant I have my zest for life back. No hot sweats, improved energy and sleep and my skin also looks great! I highly recommend Bio Identical Hormones to anyone struggling with the menopause and post menopause symptoms.

    Ann Finnejan

    I have used RE-enhance for male – hormone treatment for a couple of years now – and I can only say – It has been life changing. Both energy wise, mentally and for sure sexually. I am 55 now – and perform as In my 20-30 now. I get Testosterone and Progesterone – and occasionally HgH – and pretty quickly I felt the effect. My muscle mass has gone up significantly – even though I don’t train a lot. And the best is that people began to estimate my age to be 40-45. 10-15 years below actual age – just that is worth all the money.
    I can only give Martin and Re-enhance my best recommendations. It will change your life – and the high professionalism makes you feel safe. So If you want to feel young again – Go for it. You won’t regret.

    Jep Andre Laponnel


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