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HRT in Manchester

May 16th 2019

HRT in Manchester

HRT in ManchesterMost people today are familiar with hormone replacement therapy or HRT in Manchester. We hear more about women treatments than we do about men’s but both men and women experience the effects of declining hormone production as associated with ageing. Hormones regulate our overall mental and physical health including sex drive and sleep patterns. As the body ages and production of hormones slow we start to notice unpleasant symptoms. For some, the symptoms are mild but for others, the condition can be devastating. The symptoms can last for ten years and left untreated, for some, marriages and other relationships may suffer irreparable damage and careers may be ruined. You are just not yourself anymore.

Chronic fatigue, loss of sex drive, painful sex, dry skin, insomnia, night sweats, sudden weight gain as well as emotional and mental distress are symptoms that you may begin to experience around age 50. For sufferers in Manchester, HRT is the solution. After all, if we’re going to live to 90 or 100, we need to be physically, emotionally and mentally healthy beyond the halfway mark. The obvious solution is to replace the hormones which are exactly what we do.  Hormone replacement is not new. Doctors have been prescribing it, especially for women, for decades with some positive results for most. We felt we could achieve far superior results by tailoring the hormone replacement specifically to the individual. The treatment allows each person maximum benefit.

With HRT in Manchester, we have our own on-site compounding pharmacy staffed with a team of pharmacists chosen for their experience, ability and conscientiousness. Here is where we combine testosterone, progesterone, oestrogen, DHEA and thyroid hormones in combinations that match the individual loss experienced. The individual level of loss is based on a blood test and treatment is customised specifically to replace the loss. Contact Bio ID Hormones for more information about our unique hormone replacement therapy programme. Matching replacement to loss will give you more accurate treatment results than a one size fits all prescription. You want to feel the best you can feel and we’re here to help you through what can be a confusing time in your life.

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